Maddy Madden on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and Representation


This article originally appeared on doingbird Magazine
Photo: Max Doyle 

You can learn a lot about a person from their favourite television show. Madeleine Madden’s is RuPaul’s Drag Race—a ridiculous, beautiful, important, and fucking hilarious mess of a show. “A lot of people on that show have experienced extreme trauma and are turning that into art, and turning themselves into art,” Madden says. “That’s something that I love to see, and hope to do as well.”

Whether she knows it or not, Madden has been doing this for years. The healing power of storytelling is the invisible driving force behind her acting and her activism. At the typically awkward age of 13, when the biggest challenge facing most kids is figuring out which flavour of Impulse body spray represents their personality best, Madden asked the entire Nation to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Her message was broadcast on free to air television by GenerationOne as part of a campaign to achieve parity for Indigenous Australians.

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Why Are Australians Obsessed with Tourist Merch?


This article originally appeared on i-D Magazine.
Photo: Chloe Hill

One of the most embarrassing moments of my life centres on a dress that I bought in Bali. Me: a seven-year-old girl with a frangipani behind her ear and the world at her feet. The dress: a pink denim mini covered in white hibiscus flowers. I wore it on my flight home from Australia’s favourite holiday destination, Kuta Beach. On the plane, an air hostess spilled a flute of Champagne all over it and I was forced to wear a blanket for the rest of the flight.

Even after this experience, my Bali dress remained special to me. It reminded me of happier times and showed my peers that I was a well-travelled woman. This appreciation for tourist merchandise has stayed with me to this day. My wardrobe is mostly made up of novelty t-shirts and tropical prints. Some of these souvenirs come from far-off places like Japan or Hawaii, while others were sourced much closer to home — Koala t-shirts, Ken Done prints and ‘Sydney, Australia’ hoodies.

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Mercedes Benz x Karla Otto

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Photo: James J. Robinson

A content series I coordinated an executed for Karla Otto’s client Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia while working at Oyster Magazine.

Introducing Oyster’s MBFWA 2016 Squad


MBFWA 2016 is almost upon us, and while the good people of Carriageworks dust off the red carpet, and sequins, flowers and diamonds sell out across Sydney, a team of talented heroes gathers in the background. This year, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, we’ll be sending five little legends along to fashion week to bring you their most treasured moments and most precious memories from each day.

Check out the full article on Oyster Magazine.

Meet The Models Making Their Runway Debut At MBFWA 2016


Meet the gals who are about to tear it up on the runways at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia come May. It is going to be huge: Toni Maticevski is opening the week, Dion Lee returns home, and Oyster faves Romance Was Born, Emma Mulholland and Georgia Alice will all be doing their thing.

It’s true that every year has stand-out model talent, but it’s the newbies — walking their first runways ever this year — who you should get to know immediately. Cop their sweet drawing skills and great life goals below.

Check out the full article on Oyster Magazine.

MBFWA Diaries: Jedd Cooney Chills Backstage @ Toni Maticevski


MBFWA 2016 is officially underway, you guys! To kick things off Maticevski delivered a super swish presentation complete with bondage-y chokers, très textured outfits and so much fashion. Our pal Jedd Cooney went along to capture some of the actually-very-chill fash week vibes, hanging out BTS with cool chicks Ruby-Jean Wilson, Maisie and many, many more.

Check out the full article on Oyster Magazine.

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Opera Australia


Photos: Jedd Cooney

A review of Opera Australia’s La Bohème written for Oyster Magazine. 

If you’d asked us what we knew about the opera last week we 100% would’ve said something about Julia Roberts’ sparkling eyes. And while our first opera experience did resemble some striking similarities to classic rom-com Pretty Woman, we now have some much more educated things to say about the art form.

Last night we rolled into Sydney Opera House for a performance of Italian opera La Bohème. That’s French for the bohemia btw, so you know this isn’t going to be any stuffy old story.

Now we’re feeling pretty worldly after our one and only opera experience, so we’re going to provide you with some tips and tricks for your next night on the town. Here goes…

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G-Star RAW


Photos: Gadir Rajab

While working at Oyster Magazine, I conducted a group interview with four women working in Sydney’s arts and cultural sphere for G-Star Raw. 

In this world of Netflix-binges that are interrupted by the occasional need to eat, sleep, work and see your friends, it’s easy to forget the healing power of a good old fashioned chat. The gift of the gab is something we recently rediscovered when four of Sydney’s coolest creative ladies came by our office to talk about the importance of inclusion, making things with friends and keeping it raw — which they define as being honest, vulnerable, minimal and unapologetic.

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Fast Food with Chloe Wise


This article originally appeared in Oyster Magazine issue #110.
Photo: Logan Jackson
Artwork: Chloe Wise

If there’s one thing in life guaranteed to make you forget your troubles, it’s a Friday night trip to Pizza Hut for the all‐you‐can‐eat buffet. I can still hear the bowls of neon‐coloured jelly, half‐melted ice cream, and too‐hard mini marshmallows calling from the more joyful recesses of my youth.

Artist Chloe Wise’s childhood trips to the Hut were, arguably, slightly more sophisticated. Despite the gastronomical delights of a fast food smorgasbord that would surely distract most other children, Wise and her mother would take time between mouthfuls to make art.

“We’d go to Pizza Hut and we’d be drawing on the napkin together,” she says. “Like, portraits of each other.”

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Kelela Mizanekristos on the Intersections of Identity, Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity


This article originally appeared in Oyster Magazine issue #108.
Photo: Rene Vaile

Answering the question ‘Where do you come from?’ isn’t easy. It’s so loaded with implications about identity, home and culture that even asking the question feels straight-up rude, and when we do start unpacking our origins we often end up in limbo, feeling like ‘not a girl, not yet a woman’–era Britney pondering life on a cliff edge. If anyone’s familiar with navigating these spaces it’s Kelela, an artist, a woman and a second-generation Ethiopian raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Growing up between worlds left her with a natural inclination for connecting people, and it’s these in-betweens that define her music: vulnerable R&B inflections and heartfelt lyrics hang above tricky production and screwy beats. In this composite space Kelela once again acts as a careful liaison, helping us to understand the different parts of her musical and personal identity.

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